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Quaker Pointe
windsor va 23487


Chatter & Duke's Puppies

Name:  Quaker Pointe’s Jager     OFA:  N/A     Titles:  1st leg toward Junior hunter title     D.O.B:  3/23/14     Favorite Things:     running and Birds

Name: Quaker Pointe’s Jager


Titles: 1st leg toward Junior hunter title

D.O.B: 3/23/14

Favorite Things:  running and Birds

Quaker Pointe's Jager aka, Jager or  Mr.Green has gone to live with his new family in  Northern VA.  There he will be Kaden's Jogging partner as well as learning about hunting from Jim Birdsall @ SouthPines Gun dog resort and hopefully competing in hunt & field tests.

4/2/15  Jager just competed in his first hunt test this past weekend and scored 10-10-10-10... a perfect score! His Quaker Pointe family is so happy and proud of Him and Kaden.  Also thanks to Jim Birdsall who started the bird training on Jager early this year.

Name:   Quaker Pointe's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet    OFA:  na   Titles:   Junior Hunter  and Field Pointed    D.O.B:  3/23/14    Favorite Things:     hide and seek .

Name: Quaker Pointe's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

OFA: na

Titles: Junior Hunter  and Field Pointed

D.O.B: 3/23/14

Favorite Things:  hide and seek .

Name:  Quaker Pointe’s Warrior of the Woods     OFA:  NA     Titles:  to young     D.O.B:  3/23/2014       

Name: Quaker Pointe’s Warrior of the Woods


Titles: to young

D.O.B: 3/23/2014



Name:  Quaker Pointe’s Rigby     OFA:  NA     Titles:  none     D.O.B:  3/23/2014                

Name: Quaker Pointe’s Rigby


Titles: none

D.O.B: 3/23/2014






Name:  Quaker Pointe Seize The Day      OFA:   N/A     Titles:  Junior Hunter     D.O.B:  3/23/2014                

Name: Quaker Pointe Seize The Day


Titles: Junior Hunter

D.O.B: 3/23/2014






Name:  Quaker Pointe's Little Ray of Sunshine     OFA:   N/A     Titles:  to young     D.O.B:  3/23/2014

Name: Quaker Pointe's Little Ray of Sunshine


Titles: to young

D.O.B: 3/23/2014

Quaker Pointe's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet aka Tupper or Mr.Blue has decided that Quaker Pointe will be his home. He is an awesome little guy with an enormous amount of potential. I am absolutely smitten with him and expect to see many great things in this talented guys future

Quaker Pointe’s Warrior of the Woods aka Gunther or Mr Orange went to live with a family in Newport News VA. He has a big responsibility thereby having his very own boy Landry who is 4. David Landry's dad plans on taking Gunther hunting as well and may try competing in AKC Hunt tests.

Quaker Pointe’s RIgby aka Rigby, or Mr.Lime has moved to Sanford NC where his new Dad, Jeff has newly relocated. These 2 guys were very taken with each other at first sight. Rigby will be joining his older brother TheDude  and English Bulldog in many adventures I am sure.


.Quaker Pointe's Seize The Day aka Liv, or Mr.Red  found his home right here at Quaker Pointe and if a picture is worth 1000 words looking below says it all


Quaker Pointe's Little Ray of Sunshine aka Sunny or Mr. Yellow's original home didn't fit him quite right. He now is in a place where he can run till he is tired and hunt when it suits him and he is loved by a huge family who he and his antics are always at the center of attention.