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Quaker Pointe
windsor va 23487


Echo & Gambel Puppies

  Name : Quaker Pointe’s its all a BUZZ "Buzz"    OFA:  to young     Titles:  field pointed    D.O.B:  2/8/14   Favorite Things:   birds, chillin

 Name: Quaker Pointe’s its all a BUZZ "Buzz"

OFA: to young

Titles: field pointed

D.O.B: 2/8/14

Favorite Things:  birds, chillin

Quaker Pointe's Its all a BUZZ aka, Buzz or  blue boy  has gone to live with his new family in  Murfreesboro NC.  There he is enjoying his life & gaining wisdom from  his new buddy Polo the van Brackle's other retired Weimaraner!

Name:  Dixon   OFA:  to young   Titles:  to young   D.O.B:    2/8/14     Favorite Things:     cuddling

Name: Dixon

OFA: to young

Titles: to young

D.O.B:  2/8/14

Favorite Things:  cuddling

Name:  Quaker Pointe’s shesa BELLA     OFA:  NA     Titles:  to young     D.O.B:  2/8/14       

Name: Quaker Pointe’s shesa BELLA


Titles: to young

D.O.B: 2/8/14



Name:  Quaker Pointe’s Urban Dictionary    OFA:  to young     Titles:  to young     D.O.B:  2/8/14          

Name: Quaker Pointe’s Urban Dictionary

OFA: to young

Titles: to young

D.O.B: 2/8/14




Dixon aka Green Boy was Joe Petroski's Stud puppy of the litter and He placed him with a family in Chesapeake Va. His new new family has had weims for many years and he too  has a weim partner in his household. This puppy will most likely be field competed and I will update with his accomplishments as they occur.



Quaker Pointe’s Shesa BELLA aka. Bella. the pink puppy has gone to live with her new family in  Yorktown VA. Michelle (her new mom) and I became acquainted through our daughters school functions. Michelle grew up with weims of my pedigree which she had always gotten from my Dear friend Ginny. She wanted a puppy for her daughters so they would know the love and affection she knew from weims growing up. I am so pleased to be able to give her that and I truly believe that Bella will be a great tribute to Ginny and her years of selective breeding in search of the perfect Weimaraner


Quaker Pointe’s Urban Dictionary aka Orange girl , or TEAGAN is the puppy we decided to keep .  You can learn more about her and her adventures on her personal page.