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Quaker Pointe
windsor va 23487



Welcome to Quaker Pointe

A Quaker Pointe Puppy

A Quaker Pointe Puppy


Thank you for choosing to visit Quaker Pointe!  At Quaker Pointe we raise and train top quality Weimaraners and German Shorthaired Pointers. Our dogs are specifically bred to be superior athletic competitors, yet also excellent companion and family dogs. They are raised in house, underfoot as part of our family. Each dog was carefully selected for their amazing diversified bloodlines in field and show. To create the best of anything one needs to start with a superior foundation. At Quaker Pointe we have done exactly that, we have combined superb genetics with a stable diversified training environment. This ensures us some of the best looking, intelligent, and versatile dogs to be found anywhere. If you searching for that special dog one you can do anything with, who looks great doing it, take a look, you just may find them at Quaker Pointe.

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