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Quaker Pointe
windsor va 23487



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Green Boy Goes to His new home

char van

On Thursday morning,  Lily and I went to South Pines GSP's located  in North Va. South Pines is where our good friends Jim & Julie Birdsall  (also Chatters Breeders) call their home and Jim runs a Bird Dog training resort. Little Mr.Green met his new family and dad Kaden there and then off to his new home he went. Kaden's Grandpa used to raise and train GSP's many years ago and that is one of the reason's Kaden was so Keen on the breed They will be doing some training with Jim at South Pines, so I expect many great things from this team as they seem to match up with each other very nicely! I also cant wait to hear what Kaden's Grandpa had to say about this little guy.